The Hidden Gem: Mike Harris Jr

Mike Harris Homerun at 2018 Ways to Play

Mike Harris Jr attends Stockbridge High School; he might have been flying under the radar going into his senior year.  The 2018 fall was his coming out party. He is a left-handed pitcher (shown below) with a swagger and a 90 mph fastball.  If that isn’t intriguing enough, he is also a left handed centerfielder who has shown the ability to hit for power. He also makes a lot of contact. a good baserunner with instincts. Defensively, he has the ability to stick in centerfield. He played in the 2018 Ways to Play tournament, where he excelled on the mound and at the plate. More impressive was his ability to put together a clutch at bat; it was a game tying homerun (shown below). In Jupiter (WWBA Championships), he really performed well on a national stage. He is just scratching the surface of talent. Learn the name, Mike Harris Jr.

Pitching at WWBA Championships