Brennan Malone VS Daniel Espino

            Many scouts have been evaluating Brennan Malone and Daniel Espino since last summer. For those who do not know, These two high schoolers possess the best fastballs in the 2019 class. Espino has repeatedly touched triple digits with his fastball, Malone has been up to 97. They are not just fastball flamethrowers, their secondary stuff are really impressive also. Both are rare talents.

Photo of Daniel Espino

    Espino, LSU commit, originally from Panama might have a higher ceiling. His stuff play at professional level and he has not started his final high school season. At east coast pro, his stuff was unhittable. He maintained velocity for three innings. he was in straight attack mode from the minute he stepped on the mound.  He is a potential first rounder. He will look to move up the charts with a successful High school season.

Photo of Brennan Malone

Brennan Malone UNC commit, is a dynamic pitcher in his own right. He has been a 90+ arm for 2 + plus years. I think most importantly, he has gotten better and his velocity has continued climb.  At this stage, he is more “pitcherish” than Espino. He was little erratic in Jupiter in his last start but ultimately he was more talented than any pitcher out there. Was interested to see how he performed during the USA circuit.

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