Two-Sport Athletes; The next Kyler Murray?

With Kyler Murray at the top of the news cycle, It’s a good time to discuss the next two notable two sport athletes with big decisions. Their names? Maurice Hampton Jr and Jerrion Ealy

Photo of Jerrion Ealy

Jerrion Ealy, a five star running back , who is electrifying  on the football field. He was invited to the Under Amour All American football game. He put on a show, running for 116 yards and two touchdowns in just three quarters. The similarities of why he is coveted on the baseball diamond shows in the way he carries the ball on the football field.

On the baseball field, he’s a 6.3 runner, dynamic outfielder with power and fearlessness. In baseball we throw around the word “potential” and “tool” to define a guy like Ealy. He doesn’t look like a football player playing baseball. There is fluidity and smoothness in his game. It will only get better with more at bats and repitition.

Photo of Maurice Hampton Jr

Maurice Hampton possess all the same accolades as Jerrion, Perfect game all American in baseball, Under Amour all American in Football. Maurice had a crazy catch that ended up Sportscenter, it shows how athletic he is. He is a physical specimen, which helps on the football field where he is a four star cornerback. After watching him the baseball field, he has the ability to hit the ball a long way and he constantly makes contact. He also a 6.5 runner

All these traits to describe these two, makes for a great topic. Are they baseball players or football players? Great thing is for now we get enjoy their last high school season before they big decisions to make .